Dental Implant Technology

Missing teeth are a very big problem. Left untreated for too long, they can trigger severe oral health issues. This is why prevention is so important. Everybody has to see their dentist and their dental hygienist every six months, in order to discover and treat all issues as early as possible. However, some people still lose their teeth, so they have to do something to fill those gaps. Dental implants are among the most popular treatments, as they have a lot of benefits for the patients.

The biggest benefit of dental implant technology is that it offers the same functionality level as natural teeth. Patients are able to bite and chew on whatever foods they wish, without worrying they might damage their implants. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning dental implants clinicthat you shouldn’t imagine you can use your implanted teeth to crack nuts without any consequences. You have to understand that you still have limitations, but they are identical to the ones of natural teeth. In case of other missing teeth replacement solutions, you may never be able to eat apples like you used to. This is what makes dental implants so much better than fixed bridges or other similar treatments.

Thanks to the dental implant technology, you can replace your missing teeth without damaging the adjacent ones. The implant gets inserted directly into the jaw bone, without the need for any support from other teeth. Once healed, it becomes one with your jaw, so it’s going to feel and behave just like the roots of your natural teeth. This bond has an excellent strength, making this treatment extremely durable. Done right, dental implants can last for minimum 15 years.

Aesthetically pleasing and perfectly functional, implants are the best solution to replace one or multiple missing teeth. Even when the patient has lost all teeth on an arch, he or she can still benefit from implants. There is a special type of denture which gets applied on four to six micro implants, allowing the patient to enjoy a fully functional dentition.

dental implants clinicIn terms of risks, you have to be aware that not all people accept these implants without problems. There are cases in which the body of the patient rejects the metal, causing severe inflammatory reactions. These cases are extremely rare, but you need to know about this possibility before getting dental implants. Patients who are in this situation need to choose other solutions such as fixed or mobile bridges and partial dentures. They are also good, but they aren’t as comfortable as implanted teeth.

If you think about getting some implants to replace your missing teeth, you have to ask your dentist for guidance and advice. People who suffer from gum disease may need bone addition surgery in order to become eligible for implants. Some may never be able to receive them, as the bone needs to be healthy and strong in order to support the metal bit without collapsing. Your dentist can tell you a lot more about the advantages and the risks of this procedure, so schedule an appointment today to learn what this is all about.